What effect will deep learning have on business?

What effect will deep learning have on business?


One thing that could have a deep impact on business is deep learning. Deep learning can be thought of as a subfield of machine learning. In specific, this form of machine learning was influenced by the study of the human brain. The algorithms involved are designed to mimic how the human brain operates to allow a machine to learn in the same way. This is done through a system known as an artificial neural network.

The benefits of deep learning for businesses are obvious. It allows a computer system with access to a lot of data to make its own autonomous decisions about the data through this learning process. It can produce better decisions and improve efficiency. There are many applications that can help improve a business’s operations and profit potential. Below are some of the possibilities.

Deep Learning Can Increase Sales

One of the best things deep learning can provide for a company obviously is helping it increase its bottom line. Deep learning, for example, can be deployed for the purpose of lead generation. Deep learning is a form of artificial intelligence. That AI can sift through all the data and then use it to present you with leads at that right time that are most likely to be converted into paying customers. As such, it can improve the effectiveness of your sales efforts through this increase in efficiency.

It can even be applied for the purposes of marketing. The neural network should be able to go through the data and present you with the best suggestions for exactly who should be targeted with ads when with the right platforms, websites, etc. Since it can include all the data in the decision making process, it’s likely to produce far more effective decisions than a human being can due to the computer processing power involved.

It Can Learn through Pictures

Deep learning processes aren’t limited to just text or numbers like many other kinds of AI have been in the past. Instead, it can be designed to learn based on the information presented in image files and photographs. This can be very useful for many different business applications.

One company named Ditto Labs is able to use deep learning to identify brands and corporate logos posted on social media. Companies can then use this to improve marketing efforts. If a brand is seen often at Cubs games, for example, obviously advertising efforts aimed at fans of the Chicago Cubs may prove profitable. This allows a company to perform marketing research without spending as much money. Observing public social media accounts doesn’t cost anything.

It Can Help Leverage Big Data

As you may know, big data involves recording and storing large volumes on data from things like customer interactions, sales and industrial processes. Often this data is streamed directly to a central hub through the use of software like Apache Kafka. Amazon Web Services also provides a similar function by supporting Kafka on AWS. However, what do you do with this data once you have it to produce some kind competitive advantage or benefit for your company? Applying deep learning to the data you have is one way to take full advantage of it.

Without such tools, big data can be extremely difficult to handle. For a human being, the data may seem extremely complex, confusing and uncategorized. You need sophisticated computer software to properly process and analyze it. AI that implements deep learning processes can comb through that data to find the relevant information to make strategic decisions at the right time. It can make big data a very valuable tool instead of just being a method for hoarding information with no practical use. 75 percent of companies are making big investments into big data strategies.

Artificial intelligence market will reach $36 billion by the year 2025. Deep learning is an amazing technology that allows a computer to think and learn like the human brain does. It has almost limitless applications especially for business. Investigate whether or not deep learning could help increase your company’s profitability.


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