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Caution when building pregnancy models!

Many retailers know that if they could really anticipate our purchasing patterns and where it leads to – that this could be very beneficial to them since they could reach the customer quicker and more efficiently. And for many retailers “holy grail” application in the family or women’s segment is pregnancy prediction. We all know…
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Demand Forecasting and Planning in Retail

Retail organizations today must strive to satisfy the unique demand for each of their customers. Gone are the good old days of the mass market where a single assortment standard pricing and a single “average location” forecast would satisfy consumer demand in all stores. Often, predicting demand for a single item in a single store…
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Retailers and analytics – the way things are!

Well, one would think that retailers would be industry leaders when it comes to adoption of analytics. Data is there, technology is there, right type of business questions are also in abundance... So what’s going on? Problem is that analytical competency in retail is purely departmental. So, in one hand you have one arm of…
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