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Fraud in Government – Part 2

Types of Fraud in Government The following sections will provide overviews of issues related to vendor fraud, diversion of public funds, and consumer fraud. For each topic, we define specific fraud examples and later provide suggested data models, data mining algorithms, and deployment strategies. Vendor Related Fraud Vendors may hope to take advantage of government…
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Fraud in Government – Part 1

Governments at all levels are faced with the challenge of setting agendas and creating the frameworks to improve the lives of citizens. As we all know, government touches each of us daily. Policies and initiatives come and go, each seemingly different from the last. Yet, they all have one thing in common: They all cost…
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Big-data Analytics for Tax Compliance

  Federal, state and local tax administration agencies are faced with the challenge of effectively utilize their limited resources to achieve maximal tax compliance from their taxpayer population. Audits are the primary means by which tax administration agencies ensure compliance to the laws that govern the various tax-types, and maintain the health of the associated…
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