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How to improve data science-enabled systems?

  Data science in commercial settings is fundamentally about translating and connecting business questions into computer and data science faculties and then translating it back into business processes. So, in order to connect all the “dots” in as efficient way possible, one has to have deeper understanding of dots itself, sequence in which they appear before one…
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Five point-strategy to avoid analysis-paralysis

Five point-strategy to avoid analysis-paralysis   Analysis-paralysis - sounds familiar?  Almost, as if you are driving on ice, engine is loud, wheels are spinning - but you not really moving forward. Here are strategies that may help you dealing with this serious data science condition: Realize that chasing perfection is chasing shadows. And simply stop…
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3 Ways to Get More Meaning from Data

  For many people, data feels like an avalanche of information. No matter how proficient we are with Excel, statistical software, SQL, or Google Analytics, it’s often tough to know where and how to take your first steps. Should you create a chart? Should you try to find a correlation between the trend you’re observing…
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