Buzzing 2017 Trends That Will Affect Big Data Users

Buzzing 2017 Trends That Will Affect Big Data Users


The smartest way of predicting how 2017 will be for big data to say that it will just get bigger and better. What will get bigger is the number of companies using big data and what will get better is the way big data technologies will be employed.

The technologies change so fast that it is almost impossible for organizations to keep up with the growth at times. This makes it imperative for the organizations to be informed about what will trend and what is likely to shape the future so that the selection can be made appropriately. Here, we list the big data trends that will affect organizations in 2017 and also the big data industry.

Boom in the Internet of Things (IoT)

In the past few years, we have seen glimpses of IoT being adopted in luxury goods. Some prominent researchers have predicted a revolution in IoT which is sure to generate oodles of data causing the big data technologies to customize its offerings and center them around IoT.

Cloud for Everything Big Data

So far, there has been a mixed reaction to choosing cloud for storage of trivial data. But, it seems that companies have finally found the right mix with hybrid cloud. It is estimated that cloud will emerge as the big data storage and analytics medium in 2017 and more services will be offered to client opting for online technologies.

Data Analytics in on the Rise

This has been trending from past couple of years and organizations do not seem to get enough of it. Analytics will continue to trend in 2017, more Software and automation is expected in terms of deriving value from the data. This also prompts toward a setting where marketing and promoting will be more centric and focused.

Big Data Professionals Are Scarce

The demand for the big data professionals is at an all-time high. More technologies and complexities make it difficult for organizations to get the right talent which can make mundane tasks simpler. This scarcity of talent will remain intact for a few years to come. So, if you have a talented professional, value him or her.

Data Streamlining Is in

For long, companies have struggled to streamline the data that they have been using. Now, the introduction of metadata and catalogs make it easier to tag similar type of data and use it for analysis and other informative purposes at a later or more meaningful stage. This trend has made working with big data easier.

Security Is More Robust

All the critics of big data using cloud have been quiet for a while which signifies that the progress in the security has been immense. Big data technologies like Hadoop, Hortonworks, etc. have incorporated more strict security features. All you need to do is follow the recommended settings. This points toward a rise in big data and cloud collaboration.

Big data has been through a lot of different phases to emerge as a pioneer solution for managing data. It is still in the growing phase where experimenting with new features is required. These experiments are what makes big data technologies more user-friendly. It is exciting to see new features and advances in the technologies that aim to enhance core user experience.

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