Monthly Archives: February 2016

Big data – proceed with caution!

While collection and analysis on big data hold great promise, quantity doesn't always translate to quality. Quantity of data is represented by the number of records and the number of variables, and one can argue that good old statistical sampling techniques are still relevant. If variability is captured with a random sample, there will be…
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Tennis is not as squeaky clean as we thought!

In terms of match fixing cricket has been sport of choice for sport betting syndicates - however, tennis is certainly becoming “area of interest” for this type of unscrupulous activities. And it easy to see why? In tennis - only top 20 world-rank players earn more than spend. It costs well over $100 000 a year to…
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How to choose analytical projects?

Even though terms like "big data" and "data scientists" are biggest online "term" polluters - because they mean different things to different people, there is one word that is getting more and more deserved prominence. And that is word "actionable"! And beauty of it is: it means what it says! So, we all know about…
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