What Innovations Will Big Data Bring Us by 2020?

What Innovations Will Big Data Bring Us by 2020?


As we move more businesses, communication, and entertainment online, large amounts of data are exponentially generated with each passing year. The data is so much that it's becoming tough to keep track of it, let alone analyzing or organizing it.

Although the origins of big data are somewhat murky, its impacts are becoming crystal clear. More devices get connected to the internet like never before, and this information is a potential goldmine for educational, commercial, and humanitarian efforts. The need to organize and analyze the massive chunks of data has become necessary. More companies for handling big data have emerged to meet these challenges. By utilizing advanced database management technology, companies, medical organizations, universities and governments can now harvest information and improve efficiency.

Other than providing a chance to make significant economic impacts, big data manipulation will create innovations that will revolutionize our lives completely by 2020. Here is how:

Apps and sites will be more functional and safer

With big data, it will be easy to identify and track any fraudulent behavior so as improve websites security. Big data can bring new visibility into everything that is going within a firm's network and assist in predicting upcoming attacks. Experts think that big data can improve scalability and performance to SIEM-security information and event management and we will analyze data at an increased speed.

Anyone will be able to access higher education

Various online programs like Venture Labs, Coursera, Khan Academy, and Big Data University have been making numerous courses from leading universities available at no costs. The courses being offered apply to the current high-tech environment. These programs are also testing the usefulness of college education.

For instance, BigDataUniversity is making use of Big Data to provide tutorials on how to use big data technologies. Coursera has also developed a learning platform with their 400+ free courses. It provides interactive quizzes in sync for each student and offers immediate feedback and recall to ensure that a student doesn't get the chance to fall behind. More than 4 million students have now signed up, and some courses are being undertaken by more than ten thousand students.

Getting a job will be easy

With over 80 million new visitors and about 1.5 billion job searches every month, a site like Indeed.com offers access to the information it gets on jobseekers and employers. Through their database, a user can get to know if their skills are in demand, the most competitive markets and where to find employers hiring for their skills.

The roads will become safer

Car accidents have been the principal cause of death for many years. Most of these accidents don't happen because the driver was under any influence of alcohol or drugs. By using big data computers and scientists can come up with reasonable predictions on how autos and their drivers behave on the road. They can work on technologies that let cars communicate through exchanging data so that drivers can see about three cars in front, behind, and on the sides at the same time. Data swapping can be a great aid in predicting future events so as to avoid accidents. They will also detect if the driver is looking down, looking forward, using a phone, or having coffee.

Better Customer Engagement

Big data management solutions will enable companies to aggregate a wide range of data from thousands of sources, real-time. It will make customer engagement much easier through effective inbound interactions and other marketing programs. This leads to better customer lifetime value required for a sustainable business growth. It's now simpler to access comprehensive customer profiles through big data management analytics to enable delivery of customized customer experiences at every level of the buyer's journey. Install spark solutions like Apache Spark to handle large scale data processing over a large distributed cluster. These solutions eliminate data silos to provide a 360 degrees customer view for building a trusted record of customer behaviors.

Predicting the future of smarter business will be made possible

Companies today can leverage more data from different sources to make more accurate and rapid assessments. One of the open sources being used today is Hadoop. This is an open software platform that firms use to analyze the data they generate about their own operations and user behavior. The information can be used to anticipate the technological development path to avoid surprises. Entrepreneurs will make informed decisions about technology.


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