My thoughts on Hadoop

My thoughts on Hadoop


A few years back when Hadoop was on the rise, many jumped on the Hadoop bandwagon while at the same time having no idea what it was. That created quite a hype and many discovered that a new and disruptive technology is not that easy to implement, especially if you are working in an enterprise environment with IT departments that don't like changes and prefer to stick to their SQL databases, DWH's and cubes.

It's funny to see that now the we have entered Gartner's Through of Disillusionment in the Hype Cycle the same is happening with many experts proclaiming Hadoop is on its way back. Reality is that Hadoop is blending with other technology and partly disappearing under the hood, becoming part of the 'data engine' and not an engine on its own.

Companies that use Hadoop successfully and benefit from it, have taken their time to learn to work with it and usually set up a hybrid tooling environment in combination with their traditional data warehouses. Hadoop will fit perfectly in an enterprise architecture but must be used for the purpose it was designed for. In the meantime, the framework will evolve just like other technology evolved in the past. That's one of the reasons Spark is getting a lot more attention in the past year. So now everyone is jumping on the Spark bandwagon. Hmm, "History likes to repeat itself for those don't learn from it".




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