How Big Data Transformed the Marketing World?


How Big Data Transformed the Marketing World?

We are now in the digital era with thousands of gadgets at our hands including tablets, smartphones, digital television, social networks, and e-commerce. Before digital marketing marketers’ mission was kind of hard and challenging, they have been required to create captivating and catchy advertisings for TVs, print media, and billboards without any solid knowledge about the consumers’ behavior. But with the evolving of digital marketing the marketers’ mission has become way easier and more efficient.

Marketers now have a different job description, they are not only working on coming up with innovative ideas but rather collecting data, deriving trends, crunching statistics and numbers and finding the right channel to reach out to their target audience. Though this might sound like a lot of work to do, yet it is a well-known fact that the digital age has brought a lot of data which marketers can use to create more efficient strategic marketing plans via more accurate insights.

Why should marketers consider using big data?

Today, many organizations are collecting data from different sources to improve and optimize their marketing campaigns including Amazon, Zoopla, Propertyinder, Rocket Internet and many others. Taking out the guesswork from the equation, such campaigns have proven to be more effective than the old form of advertising. So, below are the main reasons why you should consider big data in your next quarter marketing plan:

  1. Data visualization will help you improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
  2. Real-time customers’ feedback will help you reduce churn and acquire more interested customers.
  3. All the data you need will be one click away from you at zero cost.
  4. Using data of the past event will enable you to create a more successful marketing plan in the future.

How to use big data to target consumers?

“Online Data is the fuel that powers any successful marketing campaigns”

Digital marketing includes various channels which are used on daily basis by marketers to reach their targeted audiences including search engine optimization, paid search and content marketing. These 3 are channels specifically are driven by the consumer’ needs, unlike display channels such as FB and GDN. So, marketers must be able to use different digital marketing channels to provide value for consumers. This includes learning and knowing about using non-conventional data resources like consumer transactions, social posts, search information and other big data resources.

There are a number of big data resources which you can use to improve your next campaign results:

Search Data

Search engines provide certain tools that enable you to detect customer intent and behavior and track search information such as keyword planner by Google.


It is a process of collecting intelligence from the public; large communities of people who are related by passion and interest are studied and data is gathered by running surveys and polls among other user-generated media.

Social Networks

Social Networks enable marketers to collect a wide range of data, from personal tastes and preferences to political views and economic status through tracking profile details, posts, shares, comments, likes…etc.

Imagine using all this data in your next marketing campaign, imagine that you already know everything about your user before even launching your campaign; you already knew when he will see the campaign, what he wants to see, what he is looking for, favorite color, place and dream job. Simply, you know everything that guarantees you to run a successful campaign.

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