Big data, small data – challenges still the same!

According to some recent big-data surveys conducted by Computing Technology Industry Association, half of Big Data challenges relate to lack of Analytic skills!! Can you believe it? We are still sitting with same problem all these years later!!!

Suprise, suprise!

Additional challenge is that technical skills are way separated from the business, its goals, directions and strategies.

One can make strong argument from the other side too. I have been doing analytical training for over 15 years and only on very few occasions there was upper level manager sitting in any analytical class. And yet - these folks are the ones in charge of big-data budgets, and they are the people who make big-data strategic decisions.

It is same old gulf between business and technical audiences that has been in existence long before big-data term has been used, and I am somewhat skeptical of big successes on big data front as long as this abyss - between business and techies audiences - is as big as it is!

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  1. I litaerlly jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!

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