Large Data is getting exponentially bigger!

It has become pattern that amount of data has been doubling every 3 years. According to Cisco forecast this year will mark passing of 1 zettabyte traffic threshold of IP traffic. By 2020, amount of data will grow to 35 trillion gigabytes - or near 50-fold. Compare that to less than million petabytes in 2010. And all that in era of economic slowdown worldwide!

And sources of these data volcanoes are all major forms of media, from radio, and print to voice and TV, and includes both - analog and digital. However, majority of digital data footprint, in fact - 3 quarters of it is copy, while only 1 quarter is unique data.

Another prediction is that by 2020 over 15% of digital universe will be either created, stored, manipulated or delivered to the cloud.

Luckily, one thing is NOT growing and that is cost of management of each byte within digital universe. Ratio of spending on hardware, software, services, networks, and IT staff to manage the digital information and absolute sizes of this information is widening. And that can only mean following - incentive to create even more information!

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