Artificial Intelligence has its negative sides too!

Artificial Intelligence has its negative sides too!


The emergence of AI as a technology has been welcomed with a lot of accolades and commendations. Everybody keeps thinking about the benefits and convenience it comes with. But only a very few  people have thought about its negative aspects. This article seeks to compare the advantages of AI to its disadvantages and leaves the reader to conclude if the technology is really worth it.

No doubt, AI comes with a lot of convenience like no other technology and it is being adopted in different industries. Nobody will encounter any application of Artificial Intelligence and not fall in love with the technology. Before the disadvantages of the technology is delved into, it is necessary to  outline some of its most popular applications

Automatic Lawn Mowers

A very good category is lawn mowers. Gone are the days when you will need to handle the mower and move about with it to manually mow every part of your lawn. Now there are several types of Do-it-yourself Remote Control Lawn mower. You can now mow the lawn right in your living room. In short, mowing the lawn has just become fun.

Smart Refrigerator

Another wonderful smart home gadget that is worthy of mention is the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator. This is said to be the best refrigerator in the world currently. It has a large touchscreen that allows you to leave notes for other occupants of your apartment, watch TV, order groceries and play music.

The joker of it is its three interior cameras. With the aid of the three cameras, the picture of the interior is snapped and sent to you via email each time you open and close the fridge. You just need to check your mail to know what needs to be replenished. It is a big combination of innovation and creativity on the part of Samsung. While a lot of people feel its current price of almost $4,000 is too much, others feel the price right for such technology.

Smart Crock Pot

Another  trending is smart kitchen appliance is a new Crock-pot that can be controlled through your smartphone even if you are not at home. You can adjust the crock pot’s setting anywhere you are. You can change the cook time, adjust the temperature and also time the cooking speed so that what you are cooking will be done the minute you arrive home.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Just like how several automatic lawn mowers are now available, there are automatic or robot vacuum cleaners too. They have smart technology to detect and navigate obstacles. They can also empty their dustbin automatically. Some of them have time scheduling feature with which you can preprogram them to clean your floor at a particular time whether you are at home or not. Apart from taking off the floor cleaning burden off you, watching it in action gives certain pleasure on its own.

Video Games

The video game industry was the first to adopt artificial intelligence long before any other industry. In fact, artificial intelligence has been applied in the video game industry over the past two decades. Its effect is felt when you play a fighting game like the old Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and even Killer Instinct. These are one of the oldest video games that exhibit the beauty of Artificial Intelligence.

Virtual Assistant

Microsoft’s Cortana, Google-now and Siri are the trending virtual assistants that are ready to answer any question you ask. Each of them will answer you based on their reservoir of data and information. In fact, Microsoft has started working on taking Cortana a step higher with its proposed ability to study its user for a while and then begin to predict and deliver the needs of its users.

Typing Apps

The simplest form of Artificial Intelligence is exhibited by smartphones when you are trying to type. For each word, after typing the first two letters, it gives you a set of words that you may be trying to type and you just need to select the word instead of typing it fully. This makes typing much faster.

Smart Cars

Google is working in conjunction with another IT company to launch smart cars by 2020. These cars do not need drivers. They can drive themselves. Passengers just need to come in, sit down and indicate their destinations. Even if the passengers are going to different destinations, the car will plan the trip and decide where to go first. It will also notify each passenger when it gets to his destination. Most importantly, the car will obey all road signs and traffic regulations.


One of the most technical applications of Artificial Intelligence is the creation of robots to perform several tasks that human beings cannot perform. Robots are being sent to space, especially places that are uninhabitable for humans. This robot will also perform some tasks like taking photographs of its surrounding and sending it to earth. Robots are also used in several factories now. A robot can perform highly repetitive tasks that may be boring for human beings.

A single robot can perform the task of over 20 men faster and more accurately and it won’t be paid a single dime. Besides, robots do not call in sick and neither do they go on leave. So why won’t company management embrace the technology? Do you know how much will be saved annually in salary and other allowances of employees?

Having outlined the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, here are its major concerns. Robots are sending humans back to the labor market. Full exploitation of the technology will lead to a major unemployment crisis. The term “factory worker” is becoming obsolete as the position is being phased out by robots. One robot can “sack” over 20 human beings. Apart from better accuracy, improved turnaround time and higher productivity, employing robots is much more cost-effective.

A few restaurant managers have already started experimenting with robot waiters. This only implies that with time, the services of waiters and waitresses will no longer be needed. This same thing will happen to private chauffeurs when Google launches its smart cars.

Remember, lack of employment will definitely lead to a chain of negative reactions starting from increased rate of fraud, robbery, theft, burglary and other forms of crime. At least people will survive.

The biggest concern is with the military. The military will one day adopt the technology to produce bullet resistant robot soldiers. Developing the robot is not the concern but the fact that terrorists will find a way to deploy such inventions to carry out acts of terrorism. This is the biggest concern. Imagine how dangerous it will be if terrorists get hold of a rocket launching robot…. Isn’t the world gone already?

So, what do you think? Do you think the full exploitation of Artificial Intelligence is worth it? You conclude.

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